9th Day of Cheer: Wraps for Sweet Treats & Chilled Drinks

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If you are familiar with my printable party kits, then you know they all include cupcake wrappers and water bottle wraps. To give you a sample of what those look like, today I have free printable versions that coordinate with the 12 Days of Cheer holiday bundle!

Personally, I would substitute the cupcakes for muffins for the holidays. I'm a huge fan of spiced and cranberry muffins this time of year (mmm) and they make the perfect gift to your neighbors and friends. Bake some muffins, then assemble these wraps using tape or a little glue, then drop the muffins in!

How to assemble muffin wrappers - Enchanted Type
Free Printable Muffin Wraps - Enchanted Type
Free Printable Holiday Cupcake Wrappers - Enchanted Type

Simplify your holiday party drink station by offering water bottles to guests, because you need something to wash down all those delicious muffins! Print these water bottle labels out on sticker paper, or print on regular printer paper and easily attach in the back with tape or a glue stick.

Free Printable Water Bottle Labels - Enchanted Type
Water Bottle Wraps for the Holidays - Enchanted Type
Free Printable Water Bottle Wraps - Enchanted Type

I would love to see how you get creative with these holiday wraps! Don't forget to use the hashtag #enchantedtype to share how you are using the 12 Days of Cheer!

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Free Printable Muffin & Water Bottle Wraps - Enchanted Type