New cards for Mom, Dad & Grads

Last weekend was my first craft show at It's a Good Day Market in Murrieta, CA, and I had a blast! I debuted my new collection of cards for Mother's Day, Father's Day, New Grads and beyond. All of the new greeting cards are now available in the Etsy Shop.

Here's a peek at my booth, created with the wonderful support of my husband. The booth will be growing for my next craft show, Penelope Lane Boutique on April 30 in Long Beach, CA.

Click here to see my schedule of upcoming events. I hope to see you soon!

Enchanted Type first booth display

P.S. Mother's Day is May 8, 2016 and Father's Day is June 19, 2016. In case you were wondering :)

What is Craftcation?

I'm still basking in the creative glow that was Craftcation 2016. I went with one purpose; to meet other makers and small business owners. And wow... did I find my people!! I left the weekend with a bucket full of memories and a group of fantastic makers that I can't wait to keep in touch with. We were already planning our experiences for Craftcation 2017!

For those of you wondering, what the heck is Craftcation, and is it right for me, here's a quick synopsis of what I got from Craftcation. But you should know, I only attended a fraction of the available courses (there are 8-10 class options during each time slot). The experience is similar to those books we all used to read, Choose Your Own Adventure, where you can decide what kind of experience you have. There are classes for crocheters, quilters, bloggers, e-commerce business owners, wholesalers, and "I just wanna learn some new crafts and have a good time"-ers. And that's still only scratching the surface! I wish I could describe how amazing Craftcation was, but that's kinda what makes it amazing. Craftcation is so many wonderful things for people that like to create, especially for those who have turned it into a business.


The best way I can think to summarize the weekend is to share the highlights. The moments that are sticking with me everyday as I move forward alone on my business journey.

  • Attending the welcome seminar and seeing how open the organizers of the event are, how willing they are to share their journey, hope and fears for their own business, and help others in their own journeys. They truly set the tone for an incredibly welcoming and warm environment.
  • Meeting a few fellow Craftcationers on Day 1 who were also attending the event alone, and becoming instant friends. From mai tais and leather tacos to wandering the halls of the Marriott to the Twilight Zone, I never expected to meet people so open to spending their Craftcation weekend with me.
  • Listening to one of my idols, Emily McDowell, speak on opening night about her crazy business adventure. Then talking to her about how she ended up started her own company after leaving the advertising world (just like me) while trying not to fan-girl too hard. The icing on the cake was nerding out with her head of sales, Charlie Wright, about musicals and guerilla marketing (I still think the ambulance is a good idea, for the record) and how there's no such thing as an overnight success. I will see you at the National Stationery Show one year!
  • Meeting Lela Barker and Shannon Miller from Lucky Break Consulting and laughing late into the night, every night, at the hotel bar. You ladies are my kind of people. Then I attended one of Lela's seminars on branding and holy moly was it an awakening! She took me to church with her passion and jam-packed knowledge sharing. She opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities that I've never even considered. For anyone with questions about wholesale, pricing or branding, check out Lucky Break Consulting. They are the real deal!

I'm still only scratching the surface of my experience at Craftcation, but I can tell you it was truly life-changing. I rediscovered my fire, my reason for making. I discovered a whole new world of possibilities for my business, and that it's OK to make your own path that's right for you. If you're unsure if Craftcation is right for you, or if it's the right time for your business, I can assure you. Don't wait. Now is the right time. You won't regret it.

Disneyland On Any Budget

When you're planning a trip to Disneyland, one of the first considerations is cost. It can affect the time of year, length of stay and the quality of your trip. The most common complaint I hear about the Happiest Place on Earth is how expensive everything is, from hotels, to admission and food.

While it's certainly true that you have to pay to play, a trip to Disneyland doesn't have to break the bank. Take it from Disneyland-expert Jessica Sanders, author of the new guide Disneyland On Any Budget and founder of the The Happiest Blog on Earth. As a California-native who now finds herself planning family vacations from out-of-state, she understands the struggle of finding the funds to visit Disneyland.

She has created the ultimate guide to making your Disneyland vacation a reality. Disneyland On Any Budget covers all topics from:

  • Finding funds for your trip
  • Where to find discounted tickets (without getting scammed)
  • Deciding what airport to fly into
  • Finding the best deal on rental cars or shuttles
  • How to pick the best hotel
  • Managing your food costs
  • Plus more secret tips & tricks about visiting Disneyland

This guide covers all the basics and more to get your family to Disneyland on a budget. Despite being a regular Disneyland attendee, I learned so much about how to save on rental cars, souvenirs and more. Now I have something to recommend to my out-of-town friends who are planning a trip to the park!

Jessica does a great job providing several options that will work for any budget. She provides well-organized information to help you answer the important questions like what airport to fly into, what hotel to stay at and how to buy discounted Disneyland tickets without getting scammed. The amount of money you will save on your Disneyland vacation will pay for the price of this book plus much more.

Right now, Disneyland On Any Budget is available for 50%! The sale ends on April 5, so secure your copy today to have all these valuable tips available for your next vacation. Purchase through the Amazon marketplace, then load the guide to your ebook for easy access during your next Disneyland adventure!

While I received a complimentary copy of this book, the opinions above are 100% my own. I am huge fan of The Happiest Blog on Earth and only share this guide because it's awesome!

Spring Shows & Shop Closures

March is full of madness around here as I prep for not one, but two craft shows in April! Plus I will be gathering inspiration from far off places where fairytales come true... so the shop will be closing for several weeks ahead. Here's what you need to know:

Enchanted Type Spring Schedule

Spring Schedule:

  • March 7: Last day to place a custom order for invitations or any other personalized items. Also the last day to order physical art prints or greeting cards
  • March 12-April 10: The Etsy Shop will be closed!
  • April 16: Find Enchanted Type cards and art prints at It's a Good Day Market in Murrieta, CA
  • April 30: Look for Enchanted Type at the Penelope Lane Boutique in Long Beach, CA

Things will be a little quiet around here in March, but expect lots of new products and anniversary celebrations in April! Make sure you are following @enchantedtype on Facebook and Instagram for the latest!

100 Sales Giveaway Winner

Thank you everyone who entered the 100 Sales Giveaway to help celebrate the Enchanted Type Shop launching greeting cards and physical art prints, as well as hitting 100 Sales on Etsy. I really appreciate each and every one of you! We received a total of 53 entries across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and here in the Journal. A random winner was picked by Rafflecopter out of all the entries.

And the winner of the 100 Sales Giveaway is...

Becky G!

100 Sales Giveaway Winner - Enchanted Type

Becky please check your email for details!

Thank you again to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for more giveaways and exciting announcements in the near future!