A Fork in the River

I have some major changes to announce! No worries, S and I are still engaged as ever and moving more and more rapidly towards our wedding date (anything less than a year now feels close!). But I have decided that, gulp, wedding planning is not the career path for me. This was major decision, and I am so glad that I tried it through my internship this summer, but I know in my heart that my true passion is advertising. I studied advertising back in college (a whole 2.5 years ago) and miss it dearly. As Rafiki would say, "It is time." This decision has not affected my pure love for everything that is planning and weddings! I still plan to continue sharing my favorite planning tips that I pick up as I plan my own wedding, as well as other problems in the world of a girl getting married. Now I will be a 'career girl' juggling a new job, appeasing a fiancé and parents, and communicating with my bridesmaids who are spread out around the WORLD. Not an easy task, but, I can't wait for the adventure.

So here is a sneak peak of what I've been up to lately. We ended up re-shooting our engagement photos with a new photographer when we found out that our original photographer would be unavailable for our wedding. The long drawn-out saga finally ended when I received copies of absolutely beautiful photos from our new photographer. I can't wait to work with her more!

In my 'free time' between job hunting, working my current job and again the appeasing, I have been working on designing our Save the Date announcements for our family. While I want the actual one to be a surprise for them, here is a completely different version that in the running.

Did any of you design your own Save the Dates? Or where did you order them from?