A Lady in Waiting

My soul searching has hardly ended since the last time I wrote. I have been endlessly researching answers for what could bring my soul alive, and finding others who have shared a similar journey. Along the way I've found some inspiration women entrepreneurs. Emily Ley. Lara Casey. Whitney English. And many more. Women who said there is an option for someone like me who wants to balance their home life while doing something they love. Something that most importantly made a difference, and helped others. Because truly, that is what I have been lacking. The opportunity to help others, like myself, who are lost. If I can help just one of them, while taking care of myself and my family, I will consider my life's work complete. But of course I won't stop with just helping one! I realized the best way I can help someone is with the skills I already know: creating beautiful designs for events, and helping people understand how to execute them with less time and stress on their part. I did this while working at a national stationery retailer. I did this while working as a wedding coordinator. And I loved it. But I never got to do the part that I really loved, which was make beautiful designs for people that loved them. So that is what I will do!


I am so proud to say that I launched my stationery line through Etsy on February 9, filled with wedding Save the Dates, dog adoption announcements, a "honey do" task list and a pug valentine postcard. It's not much yet, but I am so thrilled to have it out there in the world. It was one of the most fulfilling moments I have had. I have several other designs cued up in my brain, and I can't wait to find time to get them out. I feel as though nothing can happen quickly enough. As though I am just waiting for my life to really start. A Lady in Waiting. Right now I have an Easter postcard in the works... I'm very excited about it!

I am so thankful I found women like Lara Casey. Only further proof that I really belong in the South ;) I am using the #Powersheets templates she designed to help explore my biggest dreams, then turning them into achievable goals. Here's a peak at what my March goals look like:


I will be leaving for vacation soon with S and my family. Never has a vacation felt more needed! I'm looking forward to a chance to reflect, relax, and maybe even work on some designs. Until then...

Sincerely yours, Blog-Signature