The California Christmas Tree Experience

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest my entire life, I was slightly nervous about finding an authentic Christmas tree experience in Southern California. I have spent several Christmases in California, and remember my grandparents finding the tallest tree possible... at the local Sam's Club parking lot. The holidays just wouldn't be the same without being able to strap on my boots and hike through the hills to find the Perfect Tree. After some searching I found Richfield Pines. I was instantly smitten. Their story of starting a business to reconnect with family time was so heartwarming, as was their commitment to being environmentally friendly. I knew I had found our forest. But I didn't know how AMAZING our experience would be.

California Christmas Tree FarmPugs at California Christmas Tree FarmThese people were the friendliest, happiest, most helpful tree farmers I have ever met. They even directed us to the nearest trash receptacle when the girls decided to share their fertilizer...

Pugs waiting for Daddy at Tree FarmThe most interesting part about tree hunting in California is that we were surrounded by palm and orange trees. HOW COOL IS THAT!

We have had some pretty horrible experiences in Oregon, but this was the complete opposite. They were right there to greet us, chop down our tree, carry it down the hillside and strap it to our car. No wait. No hassle. Tons of happy feelings. And you can tell that they all LOVE what they do. Win. Win. Win.

California Christmas Tree Farm huntingWSU sticker with Christmas TreeThank you Richfield Pines for making our first family California Christmas Tree Experience perfect. It smells incredible and brings a smile to my heart every time I walk around the corner.

The evil cold prevails (finally stumbled to the doctor for meds), but I'm so happy we mustered up enough strength to harvest the annual Christmas tree. Now to find the energy to decorate it...

This week will be full of holiday card creating and new free printable designing. Stay tuned!