California Here We Come!

Big news for my little family and Elaina Lynn Design... we're moving to Southern California! My husband was offered an incredible opportunity within his company, and we were ready for the adventure. Pugs in Disney Mickey EarsWe have wanted this for a long time, but the timing couldn't be worse. As you remember, we just moved. So now we are faced with a lease break fee, and repacking boxes we just finished unpacking (if only we had kept all those boxes...). Thankfully we haven't hung any curtains or pictures yet!

The timing is also horrible for me as an solopreneur. I was just gaining momentum again coming off of our last move, and gearing up for the holiday season with lots of big ideas for new products and designs. Most of those have gone on the back burner now that I need to find us a new place to live (desperately!) and figure out the cheapest way to move all our stuff 1,000 miles away (and no, that is not an exaggeration!). Oy.

The positive is that I LOVE what I do, so sneaking in time to work on a new design brings me so much joy. I am so thankful that I have the ability to shift my priorities to take care of moving since my husband is traveling constantly and juggling two jobs as he makes the transition.

We are trying to sneak in fun activities in Portland while we can, like going to the Oregon Renaissance Fair and meeting up for friends with dinner. We even snuck in a late night snack at Le Happy, a creperie I've wanted to visit before I even moved to Portland! We are also making time to celebrate this exciting change in our lives... It's been my dream to live near Disneyland, I can't believe it's coming true!!

Friends and family keep asking how I feel. Terrified. Thrilled. Nervous. Ecstatic. My mood really changes by the minute right now. I know we will be so happy for so many reasons, but getting there is half the battle. Thankfully I have these two furbabies to keep my spirits up. Here are some of the outtakes from our photoshoot!

Pugs dressed in Disney Mickey EarsThanks for reading about my latest adventure! How do you adapt your career and lifestyle when life throws you a curveball?