Dapper Day: Disneyland Spring 2015

I have been dying to share my favorite photos from Dapper Day at Disneyland this spring. Dapper Day is an unofficial (but very well organized) event held at Disneyland, Disney World, and Disneyland Paris. The event has grown significantly in popularity the last few years, and is arguably the most popular "unofficial" event held at Disneyland. A small subset of attendees (myself included) incorporated a Disneybound into their dapper attire. I had been planning our EVE and Wall-e Disneybounds for several months (ever since I heard about the event) and somehow tricked convinced my husband into participating.

The goal of the event is to dress in your Sunday best and stroll around the park, like the old days at Disneyland. Recommended activities include cruising on the Mark Twain Riverboat, riding on the carousel and of course posing for fabulous pictures in front of the castle. We treated ourselves to lunch at the Blue Bayou and took a stroll through the Dapper Day Expo held in the Grand Californian conference rooms.

We were pleasantly surprised by the huge turnout, which seemed to outnumber the tourists (can you imagine what they were thinking???). It was also a great excuse to people watch, figuring out the intended Disneybound character or attraction.

Click the enlarge the pictures below!

You can read more about Dapper Day and find out about upcoming events here. This was my first time participating in Dapper Day, but it certainly won't be my last! I hope to meet up with all of you at a future event!

Dapper Day Disneyland Spring 2015 Pin