Why I Decided to Look Back

As 2015 approaches, I started to put on the blinders and focus full steam ahead on the future. But I was missing one important piece of the puzzle: the craziness that was 2014. Walt in Tomorrowland

This fall, between our two back-to-back moves, I was feeling pretty down on the progress I had made on my business. There is so much more I wanted to accomplish this year, so many ideas yet to be created!

While reading this article on Scoutie Girl, something inside me woke up. I realized about how far I had come.  I was in such a hurry to put 2014 behind me that I forgot to take into account the incredible ways this year has shaped me as a person.

I often forget to be kind with myself for the things I can't control. And while I'm all about stretch goals, I also tend to throw goals out the window when they seem too unrealistic (I know I'm not the only one out there!).

Seeing all the awesome and crazy things that happened over the course of 2014 put into perspective what I can realistically expect 2015 to look like.

So here it goes, all the amazing and crazy things that happened in 2014:

Whew! What a year! I'd like to think that I'm almost there... 2015 you are my year.

Later this week I'll be sharing my 2015 goals here on the blog (accountability time!) but I'd love to hear your 2014 highlights in the meantime.

Share your highlights below in the comments or link to your blog article!