Even Cinderella's Miracle Took a Little Time

Looking for your Cinderella moment, for your fairy godmother to make your dreams come true?

I've talked before about how overnight success isn't realistic. How hard work (and a lot of patience) is key to making your dreams a reality. But what happens after you've put in the hard work and your patience is running thin?

Remember why you started.

Was it for the fame and fortune? Hopefully not. To stick with something long enough to see it become a reality, you better have enough passion to get through those dry spells. While Cinderella's miracle happened overnight, there was a lot of hard work and dreaming that led up to her happily ever after.

Quote Cinderella Even miracles take a little time

When you are pursuing your dreams, it's so important to celebrate the little "miracles" to see the progress you are making. I am coming up on my one year anniversary of being a full-time business owner, which had been a dream of mine for so long! Yet I still feel like I have so far to go.

While I'm still working out the kinks and building my portfolio of products (although I hope to never stop growing my portfolio), I am so proud to say I run my own business. I have helped dozens of people make their events a success and made a mark on their wedding or event planning experience. I have also started to share my love for Disney through my products and blog posts with you lovely people.

First Product Features!

This week, I did a little happy dance when I discovered my first feature on the Project Junior blog! My Cinderella art print has been featured as a way to decorate your child's room, along with several other adorable items. Check it out!

Update: My fellow Disney blogger Julie Bigboy featured my Cinderella print last week on her blog Saving Up for Disney! She created a great roundup of Cinderella-inspired products in honor of the movie release. Check out her post here!

New Way to Get Elaina Lynn Designs!!

I am also excited to announce that I have set up shop on RedBubble! After seeing some of my favorite Disney photographers share their items on Instagram and testing the site out for myself, I liked the ease of use from a shopper's point of view way better than Zazzle. My designs are now available to purchase on pillows, tote bags, phone cases, art prints and more!

So this is love pillow

I hope this helps make my designs more accessible to Disney fans everywhere. If you buy anything with my designs, I would love to see them in action! Send me a picture of your snazzy new item and I promise to feature it on my social media accounts.

P.S. Pug designs are coming soon!