Find Your Inner Child at "A Bug's Land"

Welcome to World of Color Wednesday! For those of you unfamiliar, Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color was a broadcast television series that showcased the new technology of color television. Today, Disney California Adventure plays tribute to that part of Disney history with a spectacular nighttime entertainment show featuring jets of water, lights, lasers and of course music. My own way to pay tribute to the show is by creating a color board every week, inspired by a different land from Disney Parks or character from Disney films. Join me every Wednesday in celebrating the Wonderful World of Color!

"A Bug's Land"

Most people hear the name and think "Oh that's for kids", but true to Walt Disney's vision, this area is actually fun for the whole family. And it's one of my favorite places to escape the heat in the middle of a hot summer day!

From the underground (air conditioned!) 4D It's Tough to be a Bug! theater to the unpredictable fountains at Princess Dot Puddle Park, visiting A Bug's Land is one of the best ways to cool down in Disney California Adventure.

While you won't find a "thrill" ride in this area of the park, the attractions are wonderfully themed versions of classics that the whole family can enjoy. Francis' Ladybug Boogie is a spin on the Mad Tea Party ride in Disneyland (see what I did there...?). Flik's Flyers is similar to Dumbo, but with more capacity inside your choice of a raisin or animal cracker box. Tuck and Roll's Drive 'Em Buggies features bumper cars under a big circus tent (read: shade!!).

And last, but certainly not least, is Heimlich's Chew Chew Train. On a cool spring night, my husband and I decided to take a spin on Heimlich's train. We ended up laughing hysterically through the whole ride thanks to the commentary by Heimlich himself. Trust me, this ride is a great way to let your inner child out.

A Bugs Land

A Bug's Land is filled with wonderfully themed details, like giant pencils for posts, and light bugs for the overhead lights. The giant clovers throughout the land provide wonderful shade, and they glow at night! Make sure to take a stroll in the evening to hear the awesome bug sounds that increase after the sun goes down.

Pro Tip: There is only one four-leaf clover in A Bug's Land. Try to find it during your trip!

I hope this color board inspires you to spend some time in A Bug's Land in Disney California Adventure. It's a wonderfully charming land that certainly shouldn't be missed!