Thursday Thoughts: Finding Your Inner Passion With Help From CreativeLive (and Oprah!)

The last few days I have been live streaming April Bowles-Olin's courses on CreativeLive. She has taken me on a journey of discovery with my business, guiding me to find the brand & products that are unique to ME. Her course on building a brand that is irresistible because it is built around YOU totally gave me the confidence I needed to dive into developing my new products. That's right, fabulous new products are currently in development! I will share more details as they come, but I am taking the time to really find my voice (thanks to April's advice!). I stumbled across this quote by the incredible Oprah that instantly resonated with how I'm feeling right now. Quote by Oprah about Passion

I am so, so excited to keep growing and sharing fabulous content with you all (like more free downloads!), mostly because I am listening to what really fires me up.

What keeps you energized? I'd love to hear what fires you up!