Go After What You Want + Q2 2015 Goals

One of my favorite parts about being a solopreneur is that when I see something that isn't working, I can change it. This drove me crazy when I was working for corporations because I have a knack for seeing the big picture and finding processes that are detrimental to their success. It's not so easy to see the big picture for your own business and admit that something isn't working, especially when the decisions were made by yourself. But the fear of never growing and not reaching my goals is far too great to risk hurting my feelings.

I want Elaina Lynn Design to be known for enchanting designs & inspiration. To get there, I need to make tough decisions about what to share on the blog, create cohesive collections for my Etsy shop, and help my target audience find my brand.

If you don't ask, the answer's always no

There's lots of moving parts behind-the-scenes right now that are affecting my perspective on goal setting for the quarter ahead. I'm finally getting a handle on what I want Elaina Lynn Design to look like, and I've started asking for what I want. With that said, it's time to evaluate my first quarter goals to see how they align with my current reality.

1st Quarter Goals:

  • Add 10 new products to my Etsy shop every month March was a bit weak due to lots of family visits. Time to dig in and keep creating quality content!
  • Watch one CreativeLive course or other webinar a month I've learned so much about organizing my business, branding, accounting and beyond. I'm always super fired up after participating in a live class. Definitely a great use of my time!
  • Visit one new place a month (restaurant, beach, city) For some people, exploring new restaurants and cities makes them come alive. Apparently I'm not one of those people. I love my routines, and finding my favorite places to visit over and over again (ahem Disneyland).
  • Practice painting & hand lettering once a week (check out Pen & Peplum’s page for this awesome weekly project!) Again, I would love to be a hand letterer, but I've realized I like to admire other people's work more than create my own. For now, I have other interests and passions that I'd rather devote my time to.
  • Go to Disneyland once a week There are so many special events and changes happening for the 60th Anniversary that every trip has felt so different! Special thanks to my family for wanting to go to Disneyland whenever they are in town/have time. Those trips are my favorites.
  • Blog at least every Thursday I plan to keep blogging once a week, but it's time to stop creating repetitive content every Thursday, just because I vowed to blog every Thursday.

2nd Quarter Goals:

  • Add 10 new products to my Etsy shop every month
  • Be intentional with social media & promotions Don't worry, you can still find daily pug pictures on my alternate Instagram account @cmpuglife
  • Watch one CreativeLive course or other webinar a month
  • Visit Disneyland every week
  • Create engaging content for my blog every week

While evaluating my business metrics for the last quarter, I realized the content I was spending the most time on wasn't the most popular. I thought having an ongoing blog series was important, but I wasn't creating content that was important.

To break it down simply, Thursday Thoughts will no longer be an "every week" thing. I will share some awesome quotes as they seem relevant, but I will no longer create them when I have other more relevant content to share with you.

Awesome content you can expect in the next few months includes:

I'm very excited for the months ahead on Elaina Lynn Design, and I hope you'll join me along the way.

P.S. I found this article on Huffington Post while researching for this post and found it super relatable (especially the part about learning from your dogs...)