Happy Birthday Ariel! The Little Mermaid Turns 25

Did you know that the Little Mermaid turns 25 today? As a born and bred Disney fan, Ariel certainly was a part of my world (had to) when I was growing. Premiering when I was a mere 1 years of age, Ariel was the first Disney princess to burst onto the scene since Sleeping Beauty. She was also defiant (sound familiar parents?), true to her heart and always exploring the world around her with a wonderful sense of curiosity. She definitely shaped my outlook on life, and I'm thrilled her story is still around to help shape young girls of today. Disney's The Little Mermaid turns 25

I watched the Little Mermaid last night to reminisce (and because I watch Disney movies all the time) and totally agree with the sentiments of these girls. Also, I also totally thought that Prince Eric was worthless (it's been awhile since I've seen this one!) but he actually is the one that ends up killing Ursula!

For even more anniversary fun, here is a fun article by Vanity Fair about everything that Ariel taught our generation.

An article by Entertainment Weekly about the evolution of Disney princesses and the messages they send to young girls (I love this stuff!!).

And one last one from the Disney blog, Oh My Disney.

Happy Birthday Ariel! Hope it's filled with whosits and whatsits galore.