How to Meet Rare Disney Critters at Disneyland

From the day I found out that Meeko is a regular guest at the Critter Breakfast, I knew I would soon be able to fulfill a lifelong wish of meeting my favorite Disney character. The character breakfast at Storytellers Cafe in the Grand Californian Hotel features the critters of Disney, including several rare Disney characters. How to Meet Rare Disney Critters at Disneyland

For proof of my love & devotion to Meeko, here is a photo of my brother and I in our handmade costumes on Halloween (thanks Mom!). I am also now the proud owner of two pugs (which is the breed of Meeko's foe-turned-friend, for those of you not up on your Disney trivia). Coincidence? I think not.

We made reservations at Storytellers Cafe for a special Easter brunch, featuring egg-shaped desserts and a savory eggs benedict with corned beef, however the Chip n' Dale Critter Breakfast is available year-round. The food is served buffet style, aka all you can eat breakfast! If you are an animal lover like myself, you will love the group of characters that visit your table during your meal. We were entertained by Chip & Dale, both the Brother Bears, Briar Fox & Briar Bear (who was so tall!) and, my spirit animal, Meeko.

Despite the fact that it was just my husband and I at our table, each character spent lots of time with us posing for pictures and giving great big bear hugs. Briar Fox & Bear were very excited when I mentioned their names (because I obviously knew who each of them were) and talked about riding Splash Mountain later that day. As they circled the room, Briar Fox picked a fight with Chip (or Dale?) and started rubbing his tummy. Chip fought back by launching into a karate pose. It was magical.

Disneyland Critter Character Breakfast 5

Just when I was starting to get really worried that "Meeko was hibernating for the day", I spotted his unmistakable grey back and striped tail. I'm sure he could see how crazily eagerly I had anticipated his arrival by the time he got to our table. I let him know about my costume, my pugs, and that we had come just to see him, to which he gave me the biggest hug and an Eskimo kiss. Dreams do come true.

Meeko Mashup from Pocahontas

The more you talk to the characters about the special memories you have of them, the more time they spend with you, making your visit extra special. Make sure to do your research before you arrive to find out which characters may be visiting your table, but remember, the line-ups are always subject to change. There are several different character breakfasts at Disneyland and Disney World, featuring all sorts of Disney characters. Find the breakfast with your favorites, and let the magic begin.

A special thank you to my husband for putting up with my crazed energy and extensive criticisms on picture taking. And thank you for taking several dozen pictures of me with Meeko.