It's Shower Season!

The reoccurring theme I am hearing right now is "I need to plan a shower and/or bachelorette party this summer!" If this sounds familiar, you are in luck. There are some awesome themes popping up right now that will certainly make your BFF feel special. One of my favorites is a Bridal Brunch, mimosa bar anyone?? You can't go wrong with brunch, especially if your friend loves breakfast (my favorite meal of the day, hands down). The cost for food is usually cheaper and sometimes it's easier to find venues available in the mornings.

I am also loving the idea of a Country Western Weekend. Riding horses with your gal pals, followed by a little BBQ, s'mores & swapping stories around the campfire. Who said hoe downs were just for kids?

Finally, I can't leave out my own favorite, a Bridal Tea. You can go a few different directions with this one. Traditional (like my own shower), Mad Hatter, or modern (think glitter!).

I am loving the combination of mint and peach right now, and I think it would be an adorable theme for a bridal shower. You can purchase this design on my Etsy shop here. Watch for more designs & themes coming soon!

When in doubt, be authentic to you and the bride-to-be. Our mamas and grandmas have been throwing beautiful showers for ages. Don't be intimidated by Pinterest-envy.  You don't need a theme, but sometimes it can be helpful to pull together ideas for food and decor.

Be yourself. Honor the bride. Shower her with love.