Life is short, do what you love.

LifeisShort If I have learned anything in my 25 years on this earth, it is that life needs balance. When you deny yourself in the areas that make you happy, you are left feeling unfulfilled and just plain unhappy. Lately I've been feeling like the creative side that I crave so much has been empty.

I made a list of the 5 things I love the most in life: Parties/Weddings, Animals/Dogs, Etiquette, Organization and Design... invitations, stationery, etc. (I love my family & friends above all else!) I looked at where I spend the majority of my time (work) and if my job was fulfilling any of these loves. Even kind of. I get to organize projects at work, but that's about it. I couldn't shake the feeling of my soul being crushed by the lack of a creative outlet.

Continually soul searching and living life to the fullest is something deeply important to me. I stumbled across the Holstee Manifesto, written by a group of people who come from the heart of our generation. The Millennials. Raised to change the world, then told to mind our place. If there is one thing that gets me riled up more than anything is being told "No, that will never happen". Those words build a fire beneath me, pushing me to work even harder, search even deeper to find what it is that I will do to make a difference in this life I am blessed with.

With that determination, I have set out to continue following my dreams and finding what makes me happy. Hopefully it will make other people happy, too. So with as big of steps as life will allow, I am charging forward to create designs that will inspire others to live a fulfilled life.

More to come soon...