My Light Bulb Moment from Cinderella

I have a confession. I saw Cinderella for the first time the other week with my sister-in-law and two little nieces and it was magical. Yes, you read that right, nearly two months after the movie came out in theaters. It was everything I hoped it would be and So. Much. More. But how the heck did it take me so long to get to the theater to see it?? Well, despite being surrounded by Disney fans, I am still relatively new to Southern California and it's hard to find a new crew when you work from home.

This is perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take— to be seen as we truly are Cinderella

A little light bulb went off in my brain when I watched this moment in the movie that has been slowly growing brighter ever since. I have been holding myself back here on the blog, in my business, and in my life for fear of being seen as I truly am. The socially-awkward, Disney-obsessed, constantly daydreaming, overly passionate fangirl that I am.

A Not So Magical Day

I went to Disneyland by myself last week, and for the first time, ever, I had a horrible time. I was afraid of looking like a total fangirl with my fancy camera, so I shied away from being seen with my camera out (which was really hard considering the park was PACKED for the Tinker Bell races, Tomorrowland World Premiere & the materialization of the Hatbox Ghost). I was also super self-conscious about being alone. Everyone was eagerly chatting among their squads and I couldn't help but think, will I ever find a Disneyland friend?

Are You Holding Back?

How often do you hold yourself back for fear of seeming too eager? Both in business and in friendships, we want to seem invested emotionally, but never want to be "that girl" who just can't contain her excitement. Those who know me very closely know I am "that girl" when it comes to Disney. I often equate my excitement to the early 90's Disneyland commercial featuring a little boy who can't sleep because he's "too excited!". I can't even begin to explain how excited I am for the Disneyland 24 hour party...

It wasn't until I moved to Southern California and started blogging about Disney did I accept that it was OK to be an adult who loves Disney. I really thought I was an outlier! And I was totally afraid to let my freak flag fly. But I hope you will realize as you are reading this that it's OK to be afraid, it's OK to love what you love and it's OK to be the outlier. There are other awesome bloggers out there like Epbot, Disney by Design, and The Happiest Blog on Earth who are proud to share their passions with the world, whether or not they are mainstream.

I hope you are never afraid of being too passionate about your job, your friendships or your hobbies. Putting myself out there is something I certainly struggle with. But if you don't let the world see who you truly are, you will never find the people who share your same passions.

On that note, if you are also SO EXCITED for the Disneyland 24 Hour Party, or Disneyland in general, let's meet up in the parks or talk about why Disney makes your life complete! I would love to create a community for other people who are passionate about Disney, so let's get some great discussions started.

Leave a comment below about why you fell in love with Disney or what keeps you coming back! And if you will be in the parks for the 24 Hour Disneyland Party, make sure to follow me on Instagram or Twitter so we can meet up!

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