How I Design a Party Kit Collection + The Mermaid Style Guide

Today I'm excited to share a peek behind-the-scenes of my design process! Designing an entire printable party kit collection involves a lot of moving parts, but I've developed a system to keep all my inspiration organized and the collections cohesive. Behind the scenes of a stationery designer

If you've been following the blog for the last few months, you've probably noticed the World of Color Wednesday inspiration boards. I start each collection by creating one of those inspiration boards to curate all the images and details that could be included. The key is looking for small details, like the clam shell chairs in Ariel's Undersea Adventure, or the flower frequently seen in Ariel's hair. You can learn more about how I create an inspiration board here.

Next I step away from the computer and start hand-drawing different ideas. This helps me think out of the box to come up with original, never-seen-before ideas. The clam shell image you see started as a sketch that I scanned into my computer then traced digitally in Adobe Illustrator.

The first collection piece that I create is the invitation because that is the very heart of the party. It's the first interaction that guests have; the first impression of what's to follow. It's an opportunity to end up on the fridge or in the dreaded pile-of-forgotten-mail. I want your party to be remembered!

Once the invitation is finalized, I create a style guide with the key elements of the design. If you've seen style guides for brands before, this is very similar! My style guides include the fonts, colors, patterns, and key design elements that will be repeated throughout the remainder of the collection. This is my constant companion while designing the rest of the collection, to make sure everything works well together and each design element is well represented.

For the remaining pieces in the collection, I use a template I created in Adobe Illustrator to make sure the sizes for each piece are accurate and to save time recreating each piece. Before I call the collection "complete", I print off every piece and personally test them by cutting them out and assembling each design. Once each piece gets my stamp of approval, I create an overview image and share the new collection with the world!

I hope this helps you get a better idea of how to design a complete party collection. It's something I am super passionate about and feel so lucky to call it my job!

You can find the Mermaid Party Kit seen above in my Etsy shop, Enchanted Type!

How to Find The Little Mermaid at Disneyland Resort

Welcome to World of Color Wednesday! For those of you unfamiliar, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color was a broadcast television series that showcased the new technology of color television. Today, Disney California Adventure plays tribute to that part of Disney history with a spectacular nighttime entertainment show featuring jets of water, lights, lasers and of course music. My own way to pay tribute to the show is by creating a color board every week, inspired by a different land from Disney Parks or character from Disney films. Join me every Wednesday in celebrating the Wonderful World of Color!

Life is the bubbles under the sea!

As I get closer to launching my first Printable Party Kit, I wanted to continue sharing a peek behind-the-scenes of how I create a new collection. An important part of the process is collecting all the inspiration I find at Disneyland and organizing it into a mood board. Luckily, there is lots of inspiration to be found at Disneyland for The Little Mermaid, almost too much!

In this mood board, you will find images from:

Disney's The Little Mermaid Ariel's Under the Sea Adventure

The Little Mermaid was the first Disney movie released during the Disney Renaissance and continues to be a classic for ages young and old. Ariel's adventure from the under the sea to becoming a part of our world is great inspiration for a bridal shower or birthday party. The Printable Party Kits will include everything you need to throw a wonderful undersea party including invitations, thank you cards, signs, tags and more.

Use this board to help inspire decorating your office space or planning your next party by picking out details to include. From gold clam shells to minty green mermaid scales, get creative with how this undersea adventure inspires you! And stay tuned for the release of The Little Mermaid Printable Party Kit!

P.S. You can find the entire mermaid printable party kit in my Etsy shop!