Disneyland On Any Budget

When you're planning a trip to Disneyland, one of the first considerations is cost. It can affect the time of year, length of stay and the quality of your trip. The most common complaint I hear about the Happiest Place on Earth is how expensive everything is, from hotels, to admission and food.

While it's certainly true that you have to pay to play, a trip to Disneyland doesn't have to break the bank. Take it from Disneyland-expert Jessica Sanders, author of the new guide Disneyland On Any Budget and founder of the The Happiest Blog on Earth. As a California-native who now finds herself planning family vacations from out-of-state, she understands the struggle of finding the funds to visit Disneyland.

She has created the ultimate guide to making your Disneyland vacation a reality. Disneyland On Any Budget covers all topics from:

  • Finding funds for your trip
  • Where to find discounted tickets (without getting scammed)
  • Deciding what airport to fly into
  • Finding the best deal on rental cars or shuttles
  • How to pick the best hotel
  • Managing your food costs
  • Plus more secret tips & tricks about visiting Disneyland

This guide covers all the basics and more to get your family to Disneyland on a budget. Despite being a regular Disneyland attendee, I learned so much about how to save on rental cars, souvenirs and more. Now I have something to recommend to my out-of-town friends who are planning a trip to the park!

Jessica does a great job providing several options that will work for any budget. She provides well-organized information to help you answer the important questions like what airport to fly into, what hotel to stay at and how to buy discounted Disneyland tickets without getting scammed. The amount of money you will save on your Disneyland vacation will pay for the price of this book plus much more.

Right now, Disneyland On Any Budget is available for 50%! The sale ends on April 5, so secure your copy today to have all these valuable tips available for your next vacation. Purchase through the Amazon marketplace, then load the guide to your ebook for easy access during your next Disneyland adventure!

While I received a complimentary copy of this book, the opinions above are 100% my own. I am huge fan of The Happiest Blog on Earth and only share this guide because it's awesome!

Partial DIY Stationery

Today on Tuesday Tips, we're talking about how to create announcements & invitations for your wedding or event on a budget, and without losing your sanity! I love being able to help people create "partial" DIY invitations & announcements for their weddings & events because I've been there. On a limited budget, crunched for time, confused about the "vision" for your event and how to execute it. Here's a great article from Huff Post about how to approach DIY weddings.

Most people have never been in a situation where they've needed to create floral arrangements or design invitations before their wedding. You may want to have a DIY wedding, but you can't figure out how to overlay that awesome font over your engagement photos or why the printer needs a "bleed".

Wedding Announcement

That's where I can help. Find a designer whose style you love, or find a pre-designed template on sites like Etsy. A good designer will walk you through how to send a high resolution photo, provide a proof for you and instructions on how to print the finished product yourself.

When it comes to printing, I recommend finding a local printer where you can see the paper samples, talk to real people and review a printed proof. This is a more expensive and time consuming option, but you can control the results and quality. There are online printers (like Vista Print and Moo.com) that I have not tested, but they offer economical solutions for those on a tight budget.

When it comes to a big event, we all want to save money however we can. But don't be afraid to rely on your vendors, the experts, to help you find a solution within your budget. Whether it's doing the assembly or printing yourself, there are many options between full service and DIY.

I hope this helps you with planning your next event! What partial DIY solutions did you use for your wedding or event?

Keeping Your 'Maids in Mind

As I am crunching numbers for our budget, I can't help but consider the burden of cost that our wedding will have on our close friends and family. Most of my friends and family are out of town, so I have to accept that some will be unable to make it simply due to the cost of a plane ticket from the East Coast (not cheap!). So we are doing everything we can to find ways to lessen the burden on our guests, like finding a venue with cheap hotel rooms, and that is close to the airport potentially eliminating the need for a rental car. I found this great infographic by Mint that breaks down the average costs of being a bridesmaid (more on why Mint is a lifesaver coming soon). While some costs are completely unnecessary, there are many things on there that I hadn't even considered yet! Pitching in by giving your bridesmaids their jewelry or mani/pedi as part of their wedding gift is a great gesture to show that you are mindful of their budget and really appreciate their support. This info will be helpful to me on how to keep costs down for my amazing friends!