Inspired: Thanksgiving in Tahoe + Surprise Snow

This past weekend we embarked on a great adventure to Lake Tahoe in Northern California. We met up with my husband's family and cooked the grandest of Thanksgiving feasts in our cozy cabin near Truckee. Spending the weekend bundled up in scarves, huddling around the wood burning stove was a nice change from the (usually) warm California weather. This was a very different experience from my last trip to Tahoe during the summer, we even woke up to snow in the morning! The lake was choppy and windy but beautiful as ever.

Rocks On Lake TahoeStormy Lake Tahoe

We didn't expect the snow to arrive in Tahoe until after we left, so waking up to a winter wonderland on Saturday was magical. Chloe, our pug, is obsessed with snow (similar to her obsession with sand). She sprinted around like bullet train and hopped in circles around her poodle friend Buddy like a bunny rabbit. And of course, sneaked little nibbles of snow along the way.

Pug in Snow belowPug Running In SnowPug And Poodle In Snow

Maisy isn't a fan of snow or wet weather of any kind, but she greatly enjoyed toasting by the fire and playing tug-of-war with her human cousin.

I hope your holiday weekend was festive and filled with warm memories. Now hopefully I can kick this evil cold so I can finish up some exciting goodies for you all!