Thursday Thought: On Curiosity Moving Us Forward

Do you ever feel like your brain is exploding? Like, the ideas are flowing so quickly, if you don't jot them down quickly, they will float away into thin air like a wisp? I have a book full of those ideas. Several books, really. The problem is I need a map.

Quote Walt Disney Curiosity

Is anyone else afraid to commit to a plan for fear that it will inhibit their creativity? Guilty.

I can't even write out my blogging or creative schedule in ink. I have to use pencil.

Because what if an amazing idea strikes me that day and I feel compelled to create it? What if a custom order comes in that I want to get started on right away?

What if. What if. What if. The more I give myself permission to not make a plan, the more I am cheating myself from making my dreams a reality. This crazy curiosity that creative individuals possess is both a blessing and a curse.

One excuse that we can't avoid sometimes is money flow. I am drooling over the free course overview videos for Marie Forleo's B-School. I have been following her weekly free videos for a year now since I first heard about B-School around this time last year. The promise of structure and an organized road map to follow for your business, along with the community of fellow B-Schoolers, is exactly what I need right now. I've made a mental goal to earn enough in 2015 and develop enough product offerings to make the investment in B-School in 2016 a no-brainer decision.

In the meantime, I'm trying to be transparent with myself by physically writing out next steps and following a daily schedule in my planner to stay on track. And when life inevitably happens, not being too hard on myself, pulling out the eraser, and creating a new plan. No steps backward happening around here.

Put that curiosity to good work, keep moving forward!

P.S. This image is from Mickey & The Magical Map, in which Mickey becomes a little too curious with the Magical Map, and adventure unfolds! I love this new(ish) Disneyland show, highly recommend it to anyone visiting the park!