Thursday Thoughts on Disneyland: A Source of Joy and Inspiration

Disneyland opened on July 17, 1955 to a mass of fans and press hungry to experience Walt's vision. While opening day was rocky and full of technical failures, crowds continued to line up the next day starting at 2 am. What many viewed as a money-grabbing, open-and-shut exhibition, Disneyland went on to become the most well attended theme park in the world. Walt was driven to make Disneyland the best theme park for his daughters, but never lost sight of how to reach a mass audience. His innovation and vision, which many found crazy at the time, are an amazing example of believing in your dreams, then working hard to make them a reality.

Quote Disneyland Inspiration

This is an excerpt from Walt's opening day dedication that he delivered to a chaotic crowd of reporters. But what sticks with us today is not the chaos or mishaps, but rather Walt's dream for Disneyland and his inspirational words.

Next time you think you are facing an uphill battle, think of how you will look back from the top of that hill and how proud you will be of your accomplishment. The world deserves to see your Disneyland, so go out there and create it!

P.S. I'll be in the parks today for the first time as an Annual Passholder. I can't wait to share all the wonderful joy and inspiration I find!