Thursday Thoughts: On Finding Clarity

If you follow my adventures on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen my reflections on Monday for Martin Luther King Day. His words were so powerful, they still ring true to this day. There were several quotes by Dr. King that I considered, but these words have stuck with me all week:

Quote MLK See the Stars

Sometimes you have to dig deep to the darkest places of your heart to find clarity.

I have been clouded in a heavy fog the last few weeks that I like to refer to as the "creative process". Starting from scratch, determining what my collection will look like is incredibly daunting. After struggling to even start a design (for fear that no one would like it...) I realized it was time to stop with the negative talk and have fun with it. I want my collection to be fun, inspiring and empowering. How can I expect that to come across when I don't even believe in myself??

That's when the stars aligned. Late at night (when my creative flow typically occurs) I just let the ideas that had been percolating in my head for weeks (really months) flow from my fingertips. No judgement, just fun.

I am so, so excited to share the collection with you all. Because I hope it reminds you to be hopeful in times of darkness, to be cheerful on a cloudy day, to reminisce in a moment of sadness and to celebrate every little moment of joy.

So if you're feeling a little darkness in your life right now, remember to look for the stars.