Thursday Thoughts: On Finding Your People

Everyone has "people" out there, but sometimes you need a little help finding them. One of the main reasons I started designing & blogging was to find my people, but I've realized the journey has only just begun. Quote Walt Disney People to make the dream a realityI have done a lot of soul searching, especially thanks to April Bowles-Olin's classes on CreativeLive, to realize what my business was missing. My People. I was selling to everyone, not the kind of people that got me and wanted the thoughtful things that I make.

While I don't have it all figured out yet, I'm excited to find my tribe through interactions here on the blog. I have already met so many awesome people through Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Finding just one person who is also Disney-obsessed or loves to write ridiculous captions about their pugs just makes my whole week.

Can you help me find my people? If you are digging these weekly thoughts and know someone else who would also enjoy them, I would love love love you to share it with them. You would totally make my day!

Don't forget you can also share the love by sending them a special card for Valentine's Day. Order yours today on Zazzle or for you DIY-ers, order an 8x10 print that can easily be sized to 50% for a card (then you also have an awesome print for your house!).

Don't hesitate to ask any printing/ordering/life-purpose questions you may have!