Thursday Thoughts: On Getting It Done vs. Doing It Well

Does anyone else feel like this year is getting away from you, already? I've been hunkered down finalizing all the less glamorous details for the new Love Collection, and I'm finding the list is getting longer with more little details I had overlooked in my initial planning (note to self: plan a week of slush time for unaccounted things!). Of course that list is getting longer by choice, which is the struggle I think most soloprenuers face. Getting it done versus putting your best work into the world.

As a recovering perfectionist, I am constantly striving to find the balance between those two extremes. I wholeheartedly agree with this quote by Walt Disney (who I think had a little perfectionism going on too):

Quote Disney Do It Well

I think it's important to be proud of the work you produce, but also be mindful of wasting all day finding the perfect font (guilty).

The number one tool I've developed to help myself get things done is setting a deadline. Which is why I shared the launch date of my latest work with all of you lovely people.

I hope these thoughts help you strike a balance with your latest project. Now I'm off to wrap up photo editing... I'm on a deadline after all!