Thursday Thoughts: On Goal Setting + Q1 2015 Goals

Continuing on our goal setting trend for this month, I wanted to share this great quote by Walt Disney: Quote Disney on Goal Setting

This Monday I participated in the Etsy Success Team Goal Setting webinar. I've realized how important it is to stay connected to a community with webinars and online forums; they go a long way to keeping me accountable and motivated.

While referring back to my goals, I realized I needed to make them more specific, more accountable. I'm also committed to revisiting these goals in 3 months to make sure they still make sense for my current reality. I'm working on some fun creative ways to track my goals (look for a goal tracker coming soon!) to help keep myself accountable as well.

In the meantime, I thought the best way to keep myself accountable was to share my goals with you all here!

1st Quarter Goals:

  • Add 10 new products to my Etsy shop every month
  • Watch one CreativeLive course or other webinar a month
  • Visit one new place a month (restaurant, beach, city)
  • Practice painting & hand lettering once a week (check out Pen & Peplum's page for this awesome weekly project!)
  • Go to Disneyland once a week
  • Blog at least every Thursday


Have you finished your goal setting for 2015? How do you plan to keep yourself accountable?