Thursday Thoughts: On Being Unique

Right now I'm digging in, developing my new line of art prints, and I've started grasping for inspiration in every direction. Bad idea. Falling into the deep dark tunnel of comparison is a sure fire way to end up feeling super crappy at the end of the day about everything I'm not doing and everything I should be doing. Especially as a seller on Etsy, you are bombarded with people selling something very similar to what you create. They are plenty of copycats out there who have jumped on the bandwagon of creating designs that look very similar to designers who have seen success. But that's not why I started my business.

So in a moment of majorly fighting self-doubt, I stumbled across this thought by Mr. Walt Disney.

Quote Disney Unique

I love Tigger. Really all things Winnie the Pooh (Some people plan their weddings; I've planned my baby room). I love how they face trials and tribulations. How they model great friendships and unconditional love, regardless of their differences. And Tigger is a great example of being proud of who you are, and sharing that joy with the world.

We are all a little different, and that's what makes us beautiful.

So, I'm digging a little deeper to stay true to what makes my designs, well, mine. I'm resolving to gather inspiration from my personal experiences, like visiting the happiest place on earth, flipping through my new Mary Blair art book, or simply getting outside with the pugs.

And most importantly, I'm taking time to appreciate what makes me unique. I hope you all find 10 minutes today to do the same.

Check back next week for sneak peeks of the new collection!