Thursday Thoughts: Walt Disney on Cinderella pursuing her dreams

Wouldn't it be nice if dreams were handed to you on a silver platter? Not even Cinderella, a bonafide Disney princess, was handed her dream come true. She had to persevere against all odds and make herself known. Walt Disney defended Cinderella, who is often criticized for her unrealistic lifestyle, with this quote:

Quote Cinderella Dreams

What is stopping you from making your dream come true?

Fear of failure, fear of success, busy schedules, prioritizing the wrong things, thinking "tomorrow will be the day", being too old, or too young, not having the right skills or equipment. The possibilities are endless, if you make it that way.

Have you stopped to think about why you haven't made your dreams come true? If you want something, truly deeply in your heart, you will find a way to make it happen.

Keep chasing those dreams friends.