Thursday Thoughts: Tommy Chong shared more than his amazing dance moves on DWTS

I know I'm not the only one that is secretly obsessed with Dancing with the Stars. Especially this season. I have been crying and laughing to the point of crying since the first episode (Jonathan's bug eyes... I was hysterical, by myself, in a hotel room). But the moments that have choked me up the most are when Peta talks about Tommy Chong. And after this week (SPOILER ALERT) when Tommy was eliminated, I lost it. Not because he was out of the competition, he certainly made it farther than ANYONE expected. But because of Peta's reaction to working with Tommy throughout the season, and how he had changed her. The host probed Peta as to how he could have changed her life, after working with so many great partners, and she said it was Tommy's outlook on life. They then cut to a scene with Tommy saying this: Quote by Tommy Chong on DWTS

To be clear, I had no strong knowledge of who Tommy was before this season. I had heard of Cheech & Chong but never seen a comedy sketch.

But man, that line got me right in the feels. I was welling up like a baby who skipped nap time.

I think we can all learn something from Tommy's amazing spirit. If a 76 year old man can get on national television and perform a dance he's never done before in his life, what's stopping you from taking up that hobby you've been secretly passionate about?