Wedding DIY Confessional: Paper Flowers Bouquets

Around this time last year, I was surrounded by paper scraps and had white glue in every crevasse of my fingernails. My lifelong dance friend was getting married in June and I was determined to make her paper flowers bouquets perfect.

The only problem was, I had never made a paper flower bouquet before.

DIY Wedding Paper Flowers on

After lots of trial and error, I figured out how to create several different flowers that matched my friend's style and were big enough to fill a bouquet. I used a combination of flower kits from Paper Source, tutorials from Pinterest and a hod podge of accessories and experience from working at Paper Source to create the flowers.

Paper themed weddingFrom there, I enlisted the help of my husband, mom, dad and 3 seasons of Hart of Dixie to create about 15 flowers for each of the 7 bridesmaids bouquets, plus 3 boutineers for the guys. With each flower taking about an hour to create, this project definitely took a village.

Then came the creation of the actual bouquet.

Paper Flowers with ribbonClose up of paper flowers

I eventually figured out that taking a foam ball sawed in half (yes, with an actual saw) would be the only way to hold the flowers in a nice dome shape without drooping all over the place. I added some green leaves (also glued to floral wire) to hide the foam at the last minute.

Then came patient wrapping with lots of floral tape and a big beautiful ribbon! And a terrifying trip to UPS where the ladies all oo'd and aah'd then helped me carefully place each bouquet in a bag with several fingers crossed and ship them off to Ohio!

Base of bouquetsClose up of bouts

The blue boutineer was created with pages from the groom's grandfather's book on physics (or something close to that...) which was very important to him. The bride's bouquet was made with pages from Ella Enchanted, her all-time favorite book :)

Bridal party with paper flowers

I am so, so happy with how they turned out. The bouquets helped tie together my friend's love of books while adding colors that are so representative of her spirit. They are both very crafty people, as you can see from the book table markers folded by her husband and paper cranes folded by the bride (below).

Paper flowers at weddingBridesmaids with flowersBefore you start thinking "Hey I can totally do that!" please keep reading! A few disclaimers: I have created dozens of different paper flowers while working at Paper Source. I was trained by the best paper flower makers and spent hours every day crafting. I have taken classes in floral design, creating real flower bouquets, and worked as a wedding planner occasionally arranging flowers. Even with all this experience, this was still a HUGE project that took lots of trial and error to get them looking just right. I highly recommend you create a practice bouquet (start to finish) before committing.

There are lots of great sellers on Etsy that create paper bouquets for weddings; I recommend you check them out. Many of them can accept custom orders to match your colors and style. Consider the amount you would invest in materials, time & sanity when comparing to their prices. Usually it is cheaper to find a skilled crafter on Etsy. Unless you plan to take up paper flowers as your new hobby (it can be very stress-relieving during non-stressful times), I do not suggest adding custom paper bouquets to your DIY list!

And now for a little humor to all you DIY-ers and those in the throes of wedding crafting (click here). Yep, they are ALL true.

Big shout out to my dad for streamlining the production assembly, and my whole family for putting up with paper scraps covering the living room for 6 months.

And an even bigger shout out to my friend for including me in her DIY crafting. This was the perfect project to help me recover from the lull after my own wedding. She knows how much I love doing this stuff, and was super understanding that it took a wee bit longer than originally anticipated. 

If you have any specific questions about how I created the bouquets, please ask away in the comments below!


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