What Not to Do: Engagement Photos

Yesterday we shot our first (and hopefully last) round of Engagement Photos! At this point, I'm am just glad our relationship survived. I equate this engagement milestone to the canoe test. We made the mistake of scheduling a relaxing weekend at the beach, then realized when I got my work schedule that we could squeeze in a photo shoot the following day. This is a big deal, because I work most weekends, Spencer doesn't, and our photographer is actually a doctor-in-training who moonlights as a photographer. Needless to say, when the stars aligned, we jumped at the opportunity. The only problem was... these were our Engagement Photos. The photos we will stare at for the rest of our lives. The photos that will show the world "Look, this is who we are as a couple!". You need to plan these things with new wardrobes and haircuts and juice cleanses at the very least! (Just kidding about the juice cleanse thing... for now). Explaining the gravity of this situation to my fiancé was, well, frustrating. He clearly did not share my level of understanding on the matter. So I got him up to speed, and we headed to a nice relaxing weekend at the beach.

And then it turned into a beautiful weekend. So beautiful that my fair-skinned Bavarian fiancé not only burned, he turned into a splotchy lobster. The day before our photo shoot. As we drove aimlessly around the island that we were planning to shoot at the next day, he grew more and more irritable that there were no "obvious" spots. The sun had zapped him of his energy, and he was NOT a happy camper.

Panic. I frantically blotted him with baking soda & water (the verdict's out on how effective this is) and urged him to take ibuprofen. The next morning, in my nervous calmness, I failed at convincing him to try a clay mask to reduce the redness (the blue will offset the red!). I did, however, convince him to use teeth whitening strips. Yes, I do realize that one application hardly makes a difference, but it somehow made me feel somewhat better.

As he headed off to get a haircut, I went into full blown "I Have Nothing to Wear" meltdown. I started a load of laundry and threatened to go out shopping with an hour before we had to leave. Not my proudest moment. I threw some powder on my fiancé's two-toned nose and we ran out the door, pug in tow.

Thank goodness for our photographer and his wonderful girlfriend. They calmly held our frantic pug who was yelping at the end of her leash when she was pulled away from us (separation anxiety much?). And they kindly eased Spencer's nerves that his blatant lobsterness could easily be Photoshopped out.

So here we are, exhausted, and relieved that our Engagement Photos may be finished. If not, I'll know what not to do next time:

  1. Not wear sunscreen at the beach the day before
  2. Plan a photo shoot with no outfits planned and less than a weeks notice
  3. Pick a spot that we've never been to (although it ended up working out since we scouted it out the day before)
  4. Bring a crazy pug on an 80 degree day

The most important thing to remember is just to relax and have fun with your fiancé. Because you're getting married! And the camera doesn't lie.