Thursday Thoughts: Autumn Weddings

Tomorrow I fly to Dallas for my friend's orchard wedding! There's something so special about autumn weddings that sets them apart in my mind. Perhaps it's because I love fall so much, but you really can't go wrong with your wedding design. This quote gave me a whole other perspective of autumn in respect to weddings. Nature gives us such a stunning backdrop this time of year, why not take advantage of it? Fall wedding, apple decorThis image is from my cousin's gorgeous October wedding in New England (swoon). Her ceremony was in the most perfect little white chapel where the light came in to cast such a warm glow. Her reception was held in a refurbished barn designed for events, so there was a wonderful balance between elegance and autumn charm. I loved how they used cranberries & apples on the tables to brighten the whole room.

Have you been to an autumn wedding that stood out in your mind? I'd love to hear your favorite part in the comments below!