Are you the Enchanted Type?

Welcome to Enchanted Type! I am SO excited that you are here for the latest adventure.

The Enchanted Type is a resource filled with tutorials, inspiration and printable stationery for enchanted celebrations. My mission is to create a place where you can celebrate who you are, discover what inspires you to chase your dreams, and find moments that make you smile.

So you may be wondering... am I the Enchanted Type?

Are you enchanted by stories of the past and inspired to share them in your daily life? Do you love fairy tales and fandoms but have a modern classic style? Are you always searching for affordable ways to celebrate today?

The Enchanted Type

Enchanted Type designs are inspired by the stories from your childhood, updated for the dreamers of today. Here you will find inspiration and advice for your next fairy tale party, or adventure to Disneyland.

You know you’re the Enchanted Type if you love to dream big, find inspiration in the world around you, and celebrate moments big and small.

Enchanted Type is about so much more than stationery. It's about embracing the light when you are surrounded by darkness. It's about decorating for every holiday in a town full of grinches. It's about believing in magic and make believe and that dreams really do come true. 

On a personal note, Enchanted Type is my way to survive in a world full of naysayers and non-believers. I have always been the cheermeister who eagerly volunteered to decorate the office, just to bring a little joy into everyone's day. After pouring my heart into every project I worked on and hearing "Elaina you just care too much" one too many times, I realized corporate life wasn't for me. And that was when Enchanted Type was born!

Why I Decided to Rebrand my Business

If you're not familiar with my previous adventure, I started my graphic design business back in February 2014 as Elaina Lynn Design. When I started my design business, I was only certain about three things: that I loved weddings, designing stationery and that I wanted to help people. I've realized during my first year in business that by trying to help everybody, I was helping nobody. So I refocused my vision for the business in order to better help the people that I knew I could help the most: Dreamers. 

After working with bridal parties as a wedding planner and helping people create their own invitations at a popular stationery store, I fell in love with the world of stationery design. When I was picking out my wedding invitations and paper goods, I couldn’t find a modern design that incorporated my love of fantasy, fairy tales and Disney. So I made my own! That’s when I realized what was missing from the stationery world: Affordable, easy-to-use stationery for the Modern Dreamer. With my background in graphic design from college and my experience in the wedding industry, I set out to create stationery that made people smile.

Where I Went Wrong

But as I started out, I got so hung up on what everyone else was doing that a big problem started: my designs became generic. My designs were for anyone, and therefore, for no one. I realized the error of my ways within the last few months, which is when I decided to focus my business on a very specific niche.

As a lifelong lover of fandoms, I realized I have the unique perspective to help other Dreamers design stationery for their wedding or event. I love bringing my modern, colorful style to classic, beloved stories to create a whole new vision that winks to the past.  My design style can be described as modern meets magical. You'll see this in my custom 2D icons that are modern with a retro flair, or when I share magical photos from my adventures. I draw inspiration from other dreamers like Walt Disney, Beatrix Potter and J.K. Rowling, but I love adding my own twist.

As a part of my rebranding process, I have switched my website address to and moved from Wordpress to Squarespace. With this move, I will be able to host my online storefront right here on this website. For now, you can still find my printable products in my Etsy Shop.

What to Expect From Enchanted Type

  • More holiday printables and DIY projects in the Journal
  • The option to choose printed-for-you products
  • Plus new stationery designs to help you celebrate today

I look forward to sharing the next part of my adventure with you. Thanks for being a part of the journey!